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About Celebrity Connections

We help corporations, charities and licensees from all over the world to achieve their goals, whether they are looking to raise capital, establish brand identity, or both.

It has been proven that using athletes or celebrities to endorse products or events will greatly increase the rate of success.

We know that people are always interested and intrigued by famous people, and it only makes sense that a celebrity will draw immediate interest and awareness towards your company. This can be achieved by proper promotion. Try using our clients at your grand opening, corporate party, for print advertisements and television commercials. Using an athlete or celebrity’s image to promote your product line or services will be a great asset and can get your company to rise above past your competition. With a famous face behind your company or product it will almost instantly make consumers know who you are.

If you already have a well-established company that perhaps simply needs an extra boost, nothing helps to motivate employees better than a Motivational Speaker. Let a real champion come and speak to your staff. Let them know what it is like to be a winner and why they always need to strive to be the best. We’ve seen how celebrity speakers can help to raise the moral and confidence in each and every individual.

Our staff is highly qualified and can assist you with any kind of event or promotion. Simply contact our office and let us know what you are planning along with the date and budget and leave the rest to us. We will let you know which specific clients are within your budget, fits your demographics and will not only help accomplish your goals but to also maximize your results. We know the importance of matching up that special someone with your company to motivate each and every colleague around them to achieve their goals.

We provide celebrity sponsorship to embolden ANY event!

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